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[Bible, Ministry & More] Be all in like Mary: A deeper look at the mother of Jesus

My oldest son turns 30 this month and I don’t know if that’s what got me thinking about Mary and her role as a mother. I had honestly never considered her life after Jesus ascended. I was recently reading in Acts 1 and as I read verse 14, it struck me that here’s Mary, mother of Jesus, present and accounted for along with the 120 other believers. You might think she would be ready for a break. I mean the woman has been a solid, selfless servant for her entire life up to this point. But what do we see in this often overlooked passage in Acts 1?

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[Bible, Ministry & More] Encouragement for Lay Ministry Leaders

As a nine-year-old girl I walked the aisle during children’s church at First Baptist Church of Rogers and was baptized into the saving grace of Jesus. I have vivid memories of our whole congregation gathered in a circle around the sanctuary every Sunday night at the close of evening service, hands joined, voices raised, singing the chorus “We are One in the Bond of Love” in faith together.

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[Bible, Ministry & More] Shari Edwards: Leadership and The Gospel

When we align our priorities with God’s, His timing for how He intends to purpose our lives for His glory is always perfect. For that season in my life, my main ministry was my family and being available to raise up these young men God had blessed us with. Then God provided me with an opportunity to attend the LifeWay Women Leadership Forum for the first time.

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