June 3, 2021

Around The State – No. 7

‘Around the State’ is a segment in the eMagazine that goes out every other Thursday to our email subscriber list. In this segment, which appears in the first issue of each month, we feature church staff changes, as well as church news and announcements you send to us. We want Arkansas Baptists to know what’s going on around the state and be able to celebrate together and encourage each other.

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The Compelling Work of the Holy Spirit

I have never seen God move like He has the last four to five weeks in our church. I know pastors can say things like that at times in an attempt to lift themselves up or their church. I promise you that is not my intention, and hopefully the rest of this article will prove that. Our story in Northwest Arkansas began in Hendersonville, Tennessee. I know that sounds weird, so let me explain.

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