July 7, 2021

[Bible, Ministry & More] Be all in like Mary: A deeper look at the mother of Jesus

My oldest son turns 30 this month and I don’t know if that’s what got me thinking about Mary and her role as a mother. I had honestly never considered her life after Jesus ascended. I was recently reading in Acts 1 and as I read verse 14, it struck me that here’s Mary, mother of Jesus, present and accounted for along with the 120 other believers. You might think she would be ready for a break. I mean the woman has been a solid, selfless servant for her entire life up to this point. But what do we see in this often overlooked passage in Acts 1?

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‘Momma’s Kitchen’ is scene for salvation

In a small town near Madrid, Spain, a missionary couple, Walker and Becca Welch, walked around a university hoping to meet Chinese students and share the gospel. Usually, the town’s university hosts more than 300 Chinese exchange students every year. Unfortunately, due to COVID 19, the Welches have had few opportunities so far this year to get to know them.

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