21 Days of Prayer + Fasting videos are still available

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Since Monday, January 4, more than 1,000 Arkansas Baptists have been participating together in the 21 Days of Prayer + Fasting. Participants received daily email reminders with videos and other resources that are still available online. The idea behind 21 Days was presented at the annual statewide prayer gathering held last August. It was designed as a means to encourage Arkansas Baptists to pray for revival and spiritual awakening at the beginning of a new year.

Each video featured one of the following seven categories along with an Arkansas Baptist pastor or minister sharing Scripture, a special word, and three key prayer points on which to focus. The videos have been viewed 41,945 times (and counting). 

The featured topics were:

  • Brokenness/Desperation 
  • Extraordinary  Prayer
  • Voices to be Raised
  • Revival in the Church 
  • Boldness in our Witness
  • Christ to be Exalted 
  • Spiritual Awakening 

Many people have found the topics to be particularly timely and the prayer prompts inspiring. 

While the initial campaign came to an end on January 24, those who missed can still participate. The official 21 Days of Prayer + Fasting page will be available for those who may feel led to set aside a time of prayer and fasting in preparation for Easter. You can re-watch any videos or view any resources that you liked at any time. Church leaders may wish to continue to share these resources through daily communication on social media. We hope these resources allow you to discern God’s voice and His calling for His people. 

We encourage Arkansas Baptists to continue to pray for our nation and the world to experience a spiritual awakening.

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