ABN Board member profiles: Mike Sheets

TEXARKANA – Mike Sheets, a professor of chemistry at Texarkana College, has served as district seven representative for the ABN Board of Directors since 2015.

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Sheets is a member of Cornerstone Baptist Church, Texarkana, where he previously served as the Sunday school director and minister of music. He currently serves as a deacon at Cornerstone.

In his spare time, Sheets enjoys collecting old cameras, listening to old-time radio and working on chemical demos.

“I have always enjoyed reading the ABN to keep up with what Baptists in Arkansas and around the world are doing, and I wanted to be able to give something back to ABN,” said Sheets.

“It is more important than ever that we have a reliable source of information about what is going on. ABN is not just a cheerleader for Baptists, but a trustworthy voice,” continued Sheets. “Many years ago when Tim (Yarbrough, editor) first came to the ABN, I sent a note congratulating him and asking him not to be just a cheerleader but also a critic if needed. Through the years, he has ably fulfilled his promise and guided the ABN to be the best publication of its kind.”

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