Book Review: 30 Days to Freedom: Mediations on Galatians

I have had the privilege of knowing a lot of pastors over my 30-plus years of vocational ministry.

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The pastors that I seem to be drawn to typically do not pastor large congregations. Perhaps my affinity for small church pastors is because I grew up in a small church, and that much of my vocational service has focused on the needs of the smaller church.

When Kim Reeder was in Arkansas, he served as a bi-vocational pastor of Barton Chapel Baptist Church in Tyronza, which required him to also work at the local Home Depot in Jonesboro to make ends meet.

Reeder, who left Arkansas several years ago to become pastor of a church in Murray, Ky., has authored an excellent study, “30 Days to Freedom: Meditations in Galatians.”

He sent others and me copies of his draft of the book, and it was a pleasure to read his introspective treatment of the Book of Galatians.

Reeder, in a description of his work, says, “Are you tired of the never-ending cycle of trying to please God and then wondering if you have done enough? In this 30-day study of Galatians learn how to let go of a performance-based faith and live in the freedom of God’s matchless grace!”

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Like most ministers of the gospel, Reeder finds joy and edification in every book of the Bible he reads. Galatians, however, holds a special place in Reeder’s heart, as it instructs the reader in the basics of the Christian faith and serves as a guide on how to live godly lives by trusting in Jesus alone.

In “30 Days to Freedom,” Reeder applies his careful reading and study of Galatians to weave a tapestry of thoughtful devotions designed to help the reader encounter the Living God.

Reeder’s passionate writing style is inviting, stirring the reader to invest time to exploring truths found in Galatians daily.

I highly recommend “30 Days to Freedom” to anyone seeking to enhance their study and understanding of Scripture, especially as the New Year begins.

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