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My Journey in Prayer

I began to think about my prayer life and my journey in prayer. It has certainly changed through the years, and I am deeply grateful to God for this journey and His leadership.

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[Bible, Ministry & More] Shari Edwards: Leadership and The Gospel

When we align our priorities with God’s, His timing for how He intends to purpose our lives for His glory is always perfect. For that season in my life, my main ministry was my family and being available to raise up these young men God had blessed us with. Then God provided me with an opportunity to attend the LifeWay Women Leadership Forum for the first time.

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Remembering What Drove Me in Doing Church

I am strolling through memory lane again. Last month I wrote about changes that affected the way we do church in the last sixty plus years. In this article, I want to share what has motivated me in my ministry and how that changed through the years.

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