Join thousands of kids across the country in hands-on ministry in your community for Children’s Missions Day! WMU invites all children in grades 1–6 to participate on a Saturday in February each year.

From feeding hungry people to visiting shut-ins, boys and girls follow God’s command to “put your love into action” (1 John 3:18). Church groups create projects that meet needs in their own communities. WMU created Children’s Missions Day to move children out of their churches and into their communities to do missions. The first Children’s Missions Day was in 2008. Since then, thousands of people have taken part in this special day.

If you have comments or questions about Children’s Missions Day, please email or contact your state WMU office. We look forward to helping your kids do hands-on ministry!

For basic information and resources on how you can participate, click here! This article was written and posted by the Women’s Missionary Union.

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