Churches celebrate good news from Lottie Moon Christmas Offering receipts

Churches are celebrating record-breaking Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® goals and reporting higher than expected giving to the annual offering for international missions. This good news comes during months of financial crisis for many families, indicating their faithfulness to the Great Commission task, no matter the cost.

IMB is celebrating with these partnering churches and is grateful for the continued generosity shown by those who have joined with us to spread the gospel to all peoples.

You still have time to give to the 2020-2021 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. In fact, you can give all year long. Our goal is $175 million and every dollar will go directly to the work on the mission field. With your support, we will surpass this goal and advance the kingdom as never before.

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The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® is a registered trademark of Woman’s Missionary Union.

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