HIS Church spills into the street

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SHERWOOD – The parking lot at the busy corner of Kiehl and Lantrip streets in Sherwood became the outdoor worship service of HIS Church Oct. 13.

The One Accord worship band of Ward made the presence of the service known to the neighborhood with an array of electric guitars, drums and with the soulful vocals of lead singer Brindy Richardson.

Passers-by and motorists looked, waved and occasionally honked car horns during the service. Sherwood police cruisers passed numerous times. At one point a firetruck briefly drowned out the message of Russell “Papa Bear” Stewart of One Accord.

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Stewart, who shared from the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15, related a story about a father who asked his son to move a large rock in the yard. After numerous attempts, the boy told his father that the rock could not be moved. The father told the boy that indeed the rock could be moved, but only with his help.

“(The problem is) we don’t ask the Father for help when moving rocks (of life),” said Stewart.

Appealing to those gathered to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ, Stewart said, “Whoever takes the Son gets it all. We miss knowing what forgiveness really is because we do not take it. If you don’t take what God has for you, you are wasting your life. Anytime you are living your life and not living what God has for you, you are wasting your life!”

John Sammons, pastor of HIS Church, which meets at his business, Seniors Serving Seniors, said the effort was to help make the existence of the church known to the community.

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“We decided to have the service yesterday because we wanted to take the church outside these walls. We wanted a chance to let the community know about our church and to let them know they are invited to join us each week,” he said. “We made several contacts with those in the area, and even ‘Kevin the sign man,’ who is well-known in Sherwood, came in for lunch.”

One person made a profession of faith, and four others committed their lives to Christ, said the pastor.

“We were amazed by how perfect the weather was and how God provided even in that way,” said Sammons, adding the idea for the outdoor service came during a Facebook conversation he had with Stewart.

“He and I are friends on Facebook and began to message each other about the idea. Then he and his wife attended a service, and he put the plan together.”

HIS Church is located at 3170 E. Kiehl in Sherwood and meets at 10 a.m. for fellowship, followed with worship at 10:30 a.m. on Sundays.

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