[Next Generation] Summer Reflections from College Students

Pool parties, camps, retreats, waterslides, float trips, worship nights under the stars, and advancing the gospel in some of the most remote places in the world. This is the opportunity that college students have in the uniquely special season of life of the after high school but before being a professional kicks in.

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Explainer: Federal Court strikes down discrimination against religious student groups on college campus

In a unanimous decision, the federal court for the 8th Circuit held that administrators at the University of Iowa are violating the First Amendment by removing Christian, Muslim, and Sikh student organizations for choosing student leaders who share the group’s mission and values. The court’s ruling of InterVarsity v. University of Iowa follows a series of recent decisions that uphold the First Amendment’s free exercise clause and specifically rejects skewed applications of anti-discrimination policies based on a leader’s viewpoints.

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[Next Generation] Preparing students for college

Every year the Arkansas Democrat Gazette publishes an article about how prepared or unprepared academically high school graduates are for college. There has been great concern for preparing students for the next level of education, and both parents and students take great measures to ensure that they are adequately prepared. However, there may be a more urgent concern and that is, “are our youth prepared spiritually for college?”

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