Executive Committee

EC signals long-term commitment to addressing sexual abuse

“This investigation and the findings of it are not the ending of where we stand regarding sexual abuse,” said Mike Keahbone, pastor of First Baptist Church in Lawton, Okla. “It’s the very beginning. As an Executive Committee, with one heart [and] regardless of how the votes went in the past, we are united to stand against sexual abuse wholeheartedly.

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EC meets to address legal, personnel issues

NASHVILLE (BP) – Trustees of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee met in a closed session on Thursday (Oct. 28). It was the first meeting for the group since the resignations of key EC staff members and a letter from long-time attorneys, Guenther, Jordan & Price, withdrawing from providing legal counsel for the group.

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EC members call for special meeting

Officers of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee are planning for a special called meeting of the members. A letter from 25 EC trustees calling for the meeting was sent to EC Chairman Rolland Slade on Oct. 13.

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