Your Generosity Brings the Gospel to Kenya and Tanzania

Doctor’s family of nine arrives safely in Kenya

Kenya looks a lot different than Alabama, but Eric and Heather McDonald made it safely to Africa with their seven children, six travel partners and around 75 pieces of luggage. One month into their new lives as IMB missionaries, they remain hopeful, content and sure of God’s calling on their lives.

“Learning to live in an unfamiliar culture is a full-time job, but God is so faithful,” Eric says. “Life looks very different, but God has shown us that different is not bad, it’s just different.”

Eric, a medical doctor, and Heather, a registered nurse, will serve as healthcare professionals at the Baptist hospital in Kigoma, Tanzania. But first, they will make a home in Kenya while they study the language. Eric says that they have already visited local churches and have met with people in their village homes. “The kids are thriving,” they have begun school, both virtually and in-person, and are making friends in the area surrounding their home.

“We are growing our community every day and enjoying investing in those that are around us,” says Eric.

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Eric shares the following prayer requests:

“After visiting local churches and doing some home visits in the village, the need for language and culture learning is even more evident. We are so thankful to be sent by churches and an organization that believes people should hear the gospel in their heart language.

“Pray that we can quickly learn the language and culture we need to effectively share with people in a meaningful way.

“Pray for continued transition, that we will be solidly rooted in the faithfulness of our heavenly father to remember our calling to be here–even when times are hard.

“Finally, pray for our marriage and family as a unit that we will, not only, be supportive and loving to one another, but also that we will be a light in the community and that God will prepare the hearts of those that we run into.”

Your generous gift to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® will sustain the vital work of missionaries Eric and Heather McDonald.

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