Hurricane Ida moved through Southern Louisiana/Western Mississippi on Sunday leaving a wake of destruction in its path. It came on shore as a category 4 with winds estimated at 150+ mph, 16-years to the day that Hurricane Katrina ripped through the same areas. Ida has tied for fifth in the strongest storms to hit the U.S. 

Significant flooding and damage have been reported across the area with power being knocked out to at least one million people in Louisiana, including the entire city of New Orleans. Four-hundred thousand are without power in Southern Mississippi. Some have noted that the damage is “worse than Katrina.” 


Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief is already on the move. Greg Hutchinson, Disaster Relief Coordinator will be on the scene tomorrow and helping assess needs. 

We know that the Incident Command Unit will head out tomorrow, Aug. 31 to help in assessing needs and damage. Unit 1 Feeding Unit will be one of six feeding units scheduled to head out and assist. Unit 1 consists of three trailers that can feed up to 30,000 meals a day. 

Tri-County Recovery Unit will also be heading down soon to start recovery and chainsaw work, while Geyer Springs Shower/Laundry Unit will also go down to assist. 

Location of placement has yet to be determined. More units will be called up to help as needs arise. Arkansas Disaster Relief is preparing to help our neighbors as they begin to recover.  


Pray for the Louisiana and Mississippi Disaster Relief leadership as they prepare for incoming teams, search for housing sites for incoming DR volunteers, and coordinate with other states to provide for survivors 

Pray for the survivors as they begin the process of rebuilding, and that God would open the hearts of those who need to hear the Gospel and provide comfort in the midst of turmoil 

Pray that DR volunteers would be spiritually prepared to minister to survivors. 

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