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By Bobby Thomas

President/CEO, Arkansas Baptist Foundation

2020: A record year

By Bobby Thomas

President/CEO, Arkansas Baptist Foundation

This past year was definitely unique and full of challenges; however, there was a record set in 2020 that is certainly worth celebrating. Arkansas Baptists gave over $21 million through the Cooperative Program! That is right, as we navigated a global pandemic God has provided abundantly to an unmatched degree in such unprecedented times.

Personally, I am as excited as I have been since thinking back to my first ABN column as Foundation president back in 2015. Those first months were all about strengthening partnership and cooperation. We examined whether we were trusting God to provide for our current and future needs by putting to work what He provides – and has He provided!

Thanks to the Cooperative Program, the Arkansas Baptist Foundation has had the privilege of serving Arkansas Baptists since 1949. We have come a long way since the Executive Board’s report to the 1953 Convention described the Foundation as “a department financed by the Executive Board through the Cooperative Program.” (1953 ABSC Annual p.59)

In fact, over these last 70 plus years, the Foundation has seen more than $470 million distributed for God’s work in Arkansas and around the world. These distributions represent Cooperative Program support, help for families and children, scholarships for students, support for missionaries, funding for church ministries, and almost every other ministry that Arkansas Baptists utilize.

God continues to bless the work of the Foundation through the Cooperative Program, and for that, we are forever thankful. We are especially thankful for this time and place God has called us to serve. What we have seen in our state is not only unique but record-breaking. Arkansas Baptists, please do not take for granted what God is doing here in Arkansas.

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