July 6, 2021

CP giving heads into final quarter 6.1M above budget

NASHVILLE (BP) – After nine months of lagging behind the previous year’s totals due to the COVID-19 pnademic, giving through the National Cooperative Program Allocation Budget surpassed year-over-year numbers and climbed to more than $6 million above budget for the current fiscal year.

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Imprisoned believer writes, ‘We serve Him wherever we are’

Today, a Christian couple sits in prison. Arrested for sharing the gospel, they wait for another trial date to face the authorities and angry family members. They’ve been to trial already but have not yet heard a final verdict or sentencing. Trials are often postponed and drawn out, while government leaders look for further evidence against Christians and hope that believers will renounce their faith in Christ.

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An interview with Ed Litton

SARALAND, Ala. (BP) — SBC President Ed Litton joined Jonathan Howe, SBC Executive Committee vice president for communications, on Friday’s (July 2) episode of SBC This Week, a weekly podcast related to SBC news and events.

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[Next Generation] Connecting is key

With the first day of classes fast approaching, the attention of campus ministers across our state is turning to connecting to students as they arrive on campus, especially those freshmen that are coming to campus for the first time. If we are being honest, connecting with students, introducing them to the Gospel, and getting them plugged in to our ministries is something that we think about all day, every day.

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