“We offer CISM courses to help equip first responders with tools to minister to people who have suffered a critical incident or disaster.”  

Imagine your area just experienced a tornado. Or imagine you’re a first responder that has just worked a gruesome incident, disaster or crime scene. For years, victims and first responders were somewhat on their own when dealing with the stress and emotions that critical incidents bring. Now, those trained in Critical Incident Stress Management bring emotional first aid to those in need. 

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, for example, its proven invaluable to send out trained Disaster Relief (DR) chaplains at the very front end of the response. Even before chainsaw teams, feeding units or other DR components arrive, DR chaplains are able to minister to victims with appropriate words of comfort and hope. 

More and more police and fire officers are CISM trained, enabling them to minister to their peers in both individual and group settings. By using simple debriefing skills, a trained individual helps a fellow responder work through the physical and emotional stress brought on by a critical incident. And in the case of those needing more help than CISM trained personnel can offer, referrals are immediately made. 

PRAYER POINTS: Please pray for more CISM trained DR chaplains and first responders. Pray for those trained in CISM to be used for comfort in difficult times. 

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