A Lifetime of Hope

Hope isn’t just a dream. On this side of the Resurrection of Jesus, no man, woman, or child should be left without hope. The Gospel-centered ministries of Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries make hope available through the services of counseling, family advocacy, campus care, and foster care. Through these ministries, children and families at different levels of need are well served and supported.

One of the ministries that has really grown in recent years is Connected Foster Care. As Christ entered our brokenness, this ministry opens the door for us to enter the broken lives of children and families to offer the hope of the Gospel and the love of Christ. Foster care is a ministry not only to the child, but to the whole family, and paves the way for families to be redeemed and restored.

Connected Foster Care is a trauma-informed foster care placement agency. We equip foster families to say yes to children from hard places. Our foster families are provided the highest quality professional services and practical support needed to help a child succeed. Our goal is to have an eternal impact on the lives of vulnerable children and their families. With professional, Christian guidance each step of the way, Connected foster homes become a place of hope and healing, not just a temporary landing place for children.

An exciting change is coming for this ministry! In the coming weeks, pregnancy support and infant adoption services will be added, building upon the agency’s mission to build, strengthen, and restore Arkansas families for God’s glory. Through ‘Connected Adoptions,’ each of the ministries of ABCH will work together to provide all-encompassing wrap-around services to the expectant mother, the waiting family, and the child. Our goal is to champion the brave, life-giving choice of an expectant mother and remove the barriers that hinder loving families from adoption. 

Would you pray for the upcoming launch of Connected Adoptions? Pray for expectant mothers to choose a life-giving option to parent with support or place for adoption with confidence. Pray for the right couples to become waiting families, ready and equipped to offer a lifetime of hope for a child.

To learn more about Connected Foster Care or to get information about becoming a foster parent, please visit our website at connectedfoster.care

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