ABCHomes Thanksgiving Offering helps change lives

MONTICELLO – Addison won’t soon forget the day her life was uprooted through no fault of her own. Like most children who enter into our care, Addison was frightened to move to an unfamiliar home and town to live with strangers.

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Many tears were shed by the then 14-year-old. She didn’t understand the things that had happened to her and the family she lost as a result.

Now more than a year after arriving at the Baptist Home for Children in Monticello, Addison recently told her housemother, “Ms. Sherry,” that she is very thankful for being placed in her care. “I’m glad I have had Ms. Sherry to lean on,” shared Addison.

Ms. Sherry has helped Addison through some tough times. They have talked a lot about Addison’s home life, her homesickness and her struggles. Ms. Sherry also helps her with homework, takes her to church and provides a stable and loving home.

Because of the support of Arkansas Baptists, Addison has a bright future. Not long ago, she was so excited to receive birthday gifts – ones that she specifically requested.

When Arkansas Baptists give, they help change lives for eternity. This past summer Addison made a profession of faith in Christ at Camp Siloam and was later baptized.

Helping children like Addison is a goal of Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries, which raises much of its support through an annual Thanksgiving Offering, traditionally observed by Arkansas Baptist churches since 1908.

Through gifts to the annual offering, the agency in the past year has helped many children like Addison and single mothers who live at five statewide locations.

The 2019 Thanksgiving Offering promotional items were recently mailed to pastors in Arkansas. These resources include posters, bookmarks, a promotional video, offering envelopes and speaker request forms. Downloadable resources can be found at

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