ABF board members visit Arkansas Baptist Home for Children for August meeting 

As the summer winds down, I am looking forward to our Arkansas Baptist Foundation (ABF) Annual Board Advance being held this month at Arkansas Baptist Homes for Children in Monticello. In 2015, we began a “tradition” of hosting an Annual Board Advance each August at one of our Arkansas Baptist entities’ campus or location. What started as a means of increasing familiarity with our entities has resulted in a remarkably impactful time for both our board and our ministry partners. We leave with an enlightened awareness of the needs and scope of each ministry.  

“As a Board member, one of my roles is to help advance the mission of the Foundation. Each year, I look forward to participating in the Board Advance meeting. Being on site has allowed me to tour the facilities, meet the ministry partners and watch them in action. These visits help me to see their impact and needs and allows me to bring that knowledge to the boardroom and the community.”  
Celia Thompkins, ABF Board Member 

“Though I am a life-long Southern Baptist and a long-term member of the ABF Board of Trustees, there were some agencies and institutions of the ABSC I had never been to. So, I was thrilled about seven years ago when Bobby Thomas proposed an annual third-quarter Board Advance to be held at a different agency or institution. I have been blessed to attend each of these meetings since the inaugural advance held at Williams Baptist University in 2015. I am convinced these meetings are a critical and valuable part of my service on the ABF board. The opportunity to be on each campus or location has given me a “feel” for each place and what makes it special. These meetings deepen our connection to Arkansas Baptists and provide Board members the opportunity to experience each location firsthand. We see and hear what is significant at each place and have the opportunity to meet the people that make them successful …and special. In turn, we are more sensitive to the needs of Arkansas Baptists.” – Jay Shell, ABF Board Member  

“It is very meaningful that the ABF Board of Trustees would take the time to visit our Baptist agencies and institutions. It is one thing to say you serve an agency but making a visit to experience how agencies benefit from the Arkansas Baptist Foundation shows everyone how much the ABF serves the Baptist community in Arkansas. When the ABF came to Camp Siloam we had just completed a beautiful new dining hall. The Foundation was tremendously instrumental in making the dining hall a reality. ABF trustees were able to mingle with Camp Siloam staff and trustees. They saw, heard, touched and experienced the impact the Foundation has had on Camp Siloam.” – Jason Wilkie, Executive Director of Camp Siloam 

Each year, there is a tremendous time of fellowship and encouragement as we hear about how God is using our ministry partners. As we look forward to our time in Monticello, will you please join me in praying for all those who serve and are served by our Arkansas Baptist Homes for Children in Monticello? 

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