If you find yourself visiting the offices of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC) or the Arkansas Baptist Foundation (ABF), you will discover that many of the teams in the building are not where they formerly were. As team structures, sizes and functions have adapted in recent years, so have their space and location needs. In July, an office relocation plan was established and carried out to maximize the use of building space and create a more efficient working environment.

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The Executive Board staff of the ABSC and Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries moved into the current building in 2009 from their downtown Little Rock locations. Since that time the Arkansas Baptist Foundation moved as well, in order to better serve Arkansas Baptists. In 2014, the teams of the ABSC Executive Board were restructured, and as a result, many were relocated to different parts of the building at that time.

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You will now find the ABF offices on the top floor of the building. This move will allow Foundation employees to have quicker access to the main entrance to welcome guests into their offices. Additionally, the new location allows for adequate office space for their expanded staff and room to securely store documents and records.

The Evangelism+Church Health Team remained on the second floor but moved to the west wing of the building. The ABSC business office has relocated to suites on the top floor formerly occupied by the Evangelism+Church Health Team. On the first floor, you will now find the Missions Team and Arkansas Baptist News and Communications Team offices. Each of these new office locations provides adequate space for the teams while minimizing moving costs and renovation needs.

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You will still find the Executive Director’s office, Church Planting Team, College+Young Leaders Team, and Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries in their same locations. Drop by to say “hello” as we continue to serve Arkansas Baptists – the greatest folks in the world!

This article was written by Nick Burt, Assistant Director of Communications at the Arkansas Baptist State Convention.

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