ABSC Church Spotlight: Cross Church Fayetteville celebrates ten year anniversary and 2,500th baptism

Fayetteville, AR. – Cross Church Fayetteville celebrated their 10th anniversary on Sunday, January 24. The church was launched a decade ago with the goal of reaching as many lost people as possible. They believed there was a great need to reach people in Fayetteville which was the largest city in the region at that time. Nick Floyd, Senior Pastor of Cross Church Northwest Arkansas, noted that the city was becoming more and more diverse as the population grew rapidly. “We were excited to partner alongside some other great churches in the area because there were so many lost people to reach,” Floyd said. 

Floyd noted that Cross Church also had a desire to reach college students, but they knew most students were not going to make the drive to the main campus in Springdale. So, the church started meeting in a strip mall near the university in an effort to bring the church closer to the students they felt burdened to reach.  

Cross Church 10 Years Later

Fast forward ten years. The same week that Cross Church celebrated their anniversary, the church also experienced their 2,500th baptism. It seems only fitting that this milestone was reached at this time with the baptism of a college student. To follow that up, all four campuses combined to baptize another 27 people the following Sunday. This group was made up mostly of junior and senior high students who had made decisions during a big weekend event. 

Floyd states there is no secret strategy to reaching the lost in their community. He shared how they hire staff and others who have an evangelistic mindset. In addition, he says evangelism has been the DNA of the church for a long time. “We are a church that just wants to reach people.”  

Through the years, God has used Cross Church to reach the lost in Fayetteville and the surrounding area. Even during the pandemic, many people have been saved and baptized. Floyd said it’s important to note that it’s not about what the church is doing, but about what God is doing through the church. “This is not a story about Cross Church, but a story of the Holy Spirit doing a massive work in the last 10 years,” Floyd said. “We’re just privileged to be a part of it.”  

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