ABSC College + Young Leaders team launch new BCM video series

The College + Young Leaders (CYL) Team of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC) is launching a new video series that shares student’s testimonies who have been impacted by the work of churches and BCMs on college campuses. In partnership with local churches, the CYL team has a BCM presence on over 30 college campuses across the state of Arkansas. Within the last school year, over 20,000 students were impacted in some way by the ministry of these BCMs. 

As a result of this ministry, at least 392 people made professions of faith in the last school year. With the college campus representing a large population percentage in Arkansas, the CYL team refers to it as “the most strategic mission field in the world.” It’s vital that mission strategies continue to be provided for college students. 

In this new video series, you will hear from BCM Campus Ministers on the campuses across Arkansas as they share the stories of their students who have recently come to faith. These impactful videos will be released on the ABSC Facebook and YouTube platforms. They are intentionally created in short time frames to allow churches to use these videos to share with their congregations about the work they participate in through Cooperative Program missions and Dixie Jackson Arkansas Missions. 

[Embed the first video]

Caption: Jared Farley, Campus Minister at Henderson State University, shares about Nikeo and Benton, two HSU football players who started a bible study with the football team and have  seen several professions of faith. 

If you want to follow along with this series, like the ABSC Facebook page and subscribe to the ABSC YouTube page to stay connected. 

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