Arkansas Baptist Ranch Receives Generous Church Donations Through Drive Led by Alec Lawrence

By Stella Prather, Director of Community Engagement at Arkansas Baptist Children’s Home & Family Ministries

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When Alec Lawrence suggested his church life group collect household items and toiletries for the Baptist Ranch last December, his wife didn’t think it was a great idea. Little did she know, these items would come in handy in the very near future.

“I actually laughed at the idea, but God knew exactly what the Ranch would need these last few months,” shared Meggan Lawrence, alluding to the COVID-19 pandemic. “God knew that the foster families would be staying at home and these items would be useful.”

During the month-long collection drive, hundreds of items were collected. Requested donation items were based on the Ranch’s lists of goods that foster families need most including, toilet paper, detergent, trash bags, toothpaste, and cleaning supplies.

In addition to the life group, several community organizations also jumped on board when they learned of the collection drive. Among these were a local bank, fitness center, dentist, and cleaning business.

Donations filled up a small trailer and a full-sized Suburban when all was said and done. Moreover, an additional $2,000 was given to the cause.

“We had a goal to fill up a trailer with donations,” shared Alec. “We were so grateful for all those that helped out.”

The Lawrence family and a few others from their church delivered the items in February. During the visit, Alec shared his testimony at the Ranch Valentine Banquet, while others visited and took

part in recreation events with the foster children.

“Alec and his family truly showered our foster families with a box trailer full of essential needs, such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, nonperishable foods, toys, and clothing,” said Brandy Urioste, Ranch director. “It was such a blessing.”

This article was originally published in Outlook magazine a publication by the Arkansas Baptist Children’s Home & Family Ministries. To learn more about what ABCH is doing and to read more of Alec’s story and how he became involved with this ministry, click here.

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