Arkansas Disaster Relief celebrates professions of faith

In 2019 Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief accomplished a number of things. They put in 27,054 hours of work, from making and serving meals to cutting trees and cleaning up flood damage. Disaster Relief was ready at a moment’s notice.

They were also able to share the Gospel 226 times. Many times a seed is planted, but you may not get to see that seed sprout. It’s just the nature of God at work, however, 78 people came to know Christ in 2019. This put Arkansas Baptist Disaster Relief as number two in the entire Southern Baptist Convention for most salvations – Texas being number one.

“Over the last several years, we’ve placed an emphasis on our chaplains for them to share the Gospel as often as possible and it’s paying off,” Randy Garrett, Disaster Relief Director, said. “Here in Arkansas, we are just overjoyed that we’ve been able to bring 78 people to Christ. God is good.”

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