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‘Around The State’ is a segment in our eMagazine that goes out every other Thursday to our email subscriber list. In this segment, which appears in the last issue of each month, we feature church staff changes, as well as church news and big announcements you send us. We want Arkansas Baptists to know what’s going on around the state and be able to celebrate together and encourage each other.

Here are some news and updates from “Around the State.” 

  • Myron Baptist Church in Ash Flat will host revival services on April 25-28. Evangelist Phil Glisson from Memphis, Tennessee will be teaching. 
  • First Baptist in Benton celebrated its 185th anniversary on February 28! 
  • Second Baptist Church in Conway has made three new hires. Donnie Da La Cruz from Eastern Tennessee is their new College Minister beginning April 1st. Nick Weaver is taking the place of Eddie Morris as Facilities Manager. Morris served Second Baptist for 15 years! Tyler Bass is the new Associate Worship Minister and will serve as the point person at their new Greenbrier location launching in August 2021. 
  • Cornerstone Baptist Church in Harrisburg will be celebrating its 20th anniversary! Jason Goad, Pastor at Cornerstone, will also be celebrating his 15th anniversary as their pastor! 
  • Rocky Bayou Baptist Association, in partnership with local churches, will be hosting revival Crusades at the Ash Flat ‘Ball Grounds’ on April 19-23. 

If your church has any new hires, exciting news, or upcoming anniversaries that you’d like to share, please email us at to be included in our next edition of ‘Around The State.’ 

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  1. I want to affirm your AROUND THE STATE segment. Many people really missed that kind of information when the print edition stopped. I hope you will also include obituaries.

    In this weeks publication, Summer Camps were mentioned–that they were cancelled.
    I realize Camp Siloam is under a separate, independent Board of Trustees, but that ministry really needs to be highlighted. SINCE THE OTHERS ARE NOT MEETING, CAMP SILOAM COULD MEET A VERY CRITICAL NEED. But, it will need to be promoted. If they do not reach out to you, I hope you might reach out to them.

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