Attorney Travis Story provides helpful guidance to churches as they reopen

EDITOR’S NOTE: Click here to view one of the most recent videos by Travis Story.

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COVID-19 has presented churches with unique challenges in returning to in-person worship. Some churches have reopened, whereas some have remained closed; some churches have transitioned to limited capacity, whereas some are able to host most of their congregation.

Regardless of how churches are approaching these changes, there are some safety measures and precautions that churches must take in order to do things well. ABSC HelpDesk is a platform that helps provide a wide-range of resources for churches as they face these current issues.

A new episode of ABSC HelpDesk presents an interview with attorney Travis Story with practical guidance as churches return to worship. Story is a member at CrossChurch in northwest Arkansas, and he has been using his training in law to help local churches with the changes presented by COVID-19. Part of his practice is helping churches navigate legal issues.

On the Arkansas Baptist State Convention’s YouTube channel, there have been multiple videos posted in which Story shares his insight on how churches can reopen in a smart and effective way. To view the Arkansas Baptist State Convention’s YouTube videos, click here.

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