Band members desire to live up to their name 

The word “doxology” is defined as an expression of praise to God. That is the very thing that the band entitled “Doxology” desires to lead their audience to do.  

Siblings Jake, Joe and Emily Whittle and friend, Luke Hearn, were in Tom and Brenda Doty’s youth group at First Baptist Church in Salem when they began singing and playing music together. Emily sings while her brother Joe plays guitar and sings, and Jake plays drums. Their friend, Luke, plays guitar and keyboard and sings. Brenda Doty plays keyboard.  

Initially, they performed at youth group events at church and later began leading worship on Sunday mornings. During the summer of 2021 they decided to form the group and began looking for places to play.  

Doxology plays contemporary Christian music along with southern gospel and beloved hymns as well as some original songs written by Jake and Brenda. They have performed at churches and local rodeos and in a monthly gospel show at Music in the Mountains Theater in Horseshoe Bend.  

Rocky Bayou Baptist Association (RBBA) hosts a quarterly youth event, “Incounter”  and Rick Hassell, RBBA Associational Missionary, spoke of their participation, “I’ve worked with Doxology in open air community events and in RBBA sponsored events.  Their music is good, God-honoring and engaging for all age groups.  They’ve spent time learning to minister “off-stage” also.  We’ve engaged them to lead worship at 2022 RBBA Children’s Camp.” 

While each of the band members has a testimony for Jesus, Jake Whittle has felt the call to preach and spoke at the April Incounter. Seven young people made professions of faith in the hours that followed the event.  

In talking about the band’s desire to lead people to worship, Brenda Doty said, “Doxology would appreciate any and all opportunities given to us to further advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   We believe the return of Jesus is near and we need to be witnessing.We love to be around other young people, regardless of age, and we pray that our ministry will touch a young life and give them assurance of what trusting and living for God can mean in their life. We do not have any set fees.  We trust God to meet our needs and we will gladly come on a love offering or whatever the church or organization can provide to assist us in our ministry.” 

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  1. i have been blessed to listen to this group and gotten to know some members personally i believe they do exactly what their name means. open your church functions to give an opportunity to bless you

  2. Would like to invite the group Doxology to a little country church in Lafferty, Arkansas. How can I reach you?

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