“So many people along the way have made such an impact in my life and my family’s. Brett Moore. Dr Bob Magee. Brother Anthony Langley. Bruce Tippit. Greg Addison. Ken Holland. Terry Bostick. Manley Beasley Jr. They poured into me and gave me so many opportunities. Those people took a chance on me.

I would tell them thank you. They had no idea the gratitude I have for them. God used them. God used their gifts and talents to really mold me. I encourage people to always take the chance on somebody. I’m grateful for all the people who have taken chances on me. And because of that, I can name 15-20 students that came through my student ministry that I poured into. And that’s because of the people who poured into me – it just multiplied through me. That’s discipleship and that’s multiplication.”

Andrew Chandler, #BaptistsofArkansas

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