“When we lived in Fayetteville, we got to know some different friends who happened to be on a TV show. They threw us a baby shower on the show. From that, I gained the first few thousand followers which was so fun, and I loved it because I love people and I love to be an encouragement for other people. I would have younger girls reach out and say, ‘I love your post or family,’ or ‘this was so encouraging.’ So, I just started posting a little bit more, not really knowing what an ‘influencer’ was – really not even caring about it, but I was just posting about life and our family. The following kept growing over time. I think I was just so amazed because it was nothing I asked for or sought out. After a while, God said to me, ‘This is nothing you did on your own. I have placed this in your lap.’ From there, I truly didn’t want to waste the opportunity. I wanted to use it to encourage other people and for God’s glory. I don’t have it all figured out, but I know I want to challenge and encourage. From that point on I said to myself, ‘I’m going to use this as a platform.’

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This past year I feel like God has done a work in my life, specifically in the realm of parenting. He just changed me a whole lot in that area. A message I consistently try to share is just finding Jesus in the everyday rhythms. Life is not just a sum of all these big moments. It’s the everyday. It’s the little moments that make up our life. Big moments are the collection of the small. If I’m constantly discontent or always looking for the next shiny thing then I’m going to miss the small moments where the growth is.”

Kristen Young, @kristennicoleyoung


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