Beach Reach week results in 61 decisions of faith

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University of Central Arkansas senior Kaylea Jobe spent her spring break, March 18-24, in Panama City, Florida, serving the Lord and sharing God’s love. 

Jobe was one of the more than 100 Arkansas Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) students and leaders participating in Beach Reach – a partnership between college ministries all over the nation to serve other college students on spring break.  

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Beach Reach utilizes vans and buses to give free shuttles to students around town, providing an opportunity to talk with the students about the gospel. During the week, they had 3,708 passengers, 1,903 gospel conversations and prayed for 2,148 students, resulting in 61 decisions of faith.  

“I would say that is a big win for everyone,” Jobe said. 

Though she participated in a few community projects with her church in high school, this was Jobe’s first college spring break missions trip.  

“This trip has not been at all what I imagined it would be before we came. I knew we were giving van rides and walking on the streets, but I didn’t really know what that entailed,” Jobe said.  “I loved being on the vans getting to talk and getting to know all kinds of people. Yes, they are usually a little intoxicated, but Jesus meets people where they are and that is what we are supposed to do.” 

She noted everyone was very receptive to talking and wanted to have conversations. As the week progressed, Jobe said they became known as the “Jesus people” van.  

“That is awesome to me knowing that people are calling wanting to talk about Jesus. I was navigator one night and had to call the guy we were picking up. On his way to the van, he yelled on the phone, ‘Come on guys! I’m ready to talk about the Lord!’ It was awesome to hear and experience that. Even though we were picking him up at a bar to take him home, he still knew he wanted that kind of conversation. But it is sad knowing that he wants that conversation while still acting in disobedience and sin. That is why this type of ministry is so important because we are meeting them where they are and showing them love by caring,” Jobe said.  

“Most of these people are acting this way because they are missing something in their life and trying to fill a void. We are just trying to make sure they are safe and show and tell them about the love of Jesus. That is the greatest thing they could ever receive.”  

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