This was submitted by guest poet, Barbara Stewart

I didn’t want to get
in the belly of a whale.
I didn’t want to say
“Nineveh, repent.”

But the suffering and pain
when I was there.
Makes me want to go
wherever He sends

I didn’t care for them.
I didn’t want their revival.
They were a sorry bunch of people.
It’s right that they should grovel.

So I got onto a ship
and a storm came rumbling by.
I had to be thrown in the water.
And a fish came swimming nigh.

Three days in the fish
was not a happy dream.
It smelled and it stank.
And I regretted being mean.

“All right, God,” I said
“I will go wherever you say
But I think it’s a big mistake.
They’re not worth being saved.”

God said, “What about the children.
DO you want them to die?
They deserve happy times.
It’s sad to hear them cry.

Give them a chance to run and play,
and have a good life too.
Their parents need some help, Jonah.
Tell them what to do.”

So Jonah said what God said,
“Stop doing what’s bad and wrong.”
The people repented and agreed.
And learned how to get along.

The children remembered what God said too.
They became big and strong.
They never forgot what Jonah said either.
and they sang lots of happy songs.

What About Us?

The history of the church
Is much the very same.
We forget and do what’s wrong
And afflictions come our way.

Then we cry out to God
“We’re worried about survival.”
Then God pities us
And sends us a fresh revival.

But we forget very soon
And God sends a prophet to say.
“Stop sinning, my fearful people
And turn from your wicked ways.

Study and read my word.
And do what the Bible says,
You’ll be happier if you do
And you won’t be full of dread.”

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