Camp Siloam Launches Official E-Mail Newsletter, The Impact

Camp Siloam has a new email newsletter called The Impact, freely available to keep Arkansans informed about what’s happening with the camp. Camp Executive Director Jason Wilkie penned the first edition, on Camp Siloam’s response to COVID-19. Read the full text of the first email below, and sign up for the email newsletter by clicking here.


Official Newsletter of Camp Siloam

Vol. 1 Issue 1 – April 2020

COVID-19 Update

In Governor Hutchinson’s COVID-19 update on Monday Dr. Nathaniel Smith, Secretary of the Arkansas Department of Health, made comments regarding summer camps that might cause some to doubt Camp Siloam’s ability to host camp this summer. Camp Siloam would like to share a few thoughts in response to Dr. Smith’s comments.  First, how awesome is it that his son is a counselor at summer camp!?  Secondly, it is fantastic that this sector is on his mind and that he is going to provide us some guidelines for moving forward.  Lastly, Camp Siloam will comply with the Arkansas Department of Health directives, whatever those may be, in June. However, the first day of camp is a little less than two months away.The one thing we’ve learned in this virus crisis is a lot can change in a short period of time. Camp Siloam encourages its churches and families to not be hasty in making decisions to cancel your participation in summer camp.  In this crisis, we do have time.  A lot of information will come to light in the weeks to come.  Dr. Smith said he would be working on guidelines for summer camps and we anxiously await those guidelines. Camp Siloam is also encouraged by Governor Hutchinson’s announcement of Post Peak COVID-19 planning.  Key to our decision making on summer camp will be understanding how and when the restrictions on gathering will be rolled back.  We will host summer camp when it is safe for us to do so.  Camp Siloam leans on our Heavenly Father and the wisdom He grants the Governor and the Arkansas Department of Health in helping us make this critical decision.Jason WilkieExecutive Director

Summer Camp Survey

Next week, Camp Siloam will begin surveying church leaders and parents of campers on the feasibility of hosting summer camp. Information about how churches and parents feel about their children attending Camp Siloam this summer will help us make the decision whether or not to host camp.

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On May 1st, Camp Siloam will make a decision on how we can safely host summer camp. Church leaders and parents, we value your thoughts and would love for you to participate in the survey if you receive one. Please, take a few minutes to fill them out and submit them. Thank you, in advance, for helping us assess the feasibility of hosting summer camp!

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