Camp Siloam releases new issue of email newsletter, The Impact

The second issue of the official Camp Siloam email newsletter was released June 12. Read the newsletter in its entirely below and sign up to receive future newsletters from Camp Siloam by clicking here.

A Note From The DirectorRebekah Davis, of Pine Bluff, told me a story that illustrates how meaningful summer camp is to children. Rebekah had been a foster parent to three children. Her foster children are now with their grandmother. Rebekah told Allisyn, one of her foster children, her ability to go to summer camp would be pending the Governor’s announcement on summer camps. Rebekah said Allisyn had been watching Governor Hutchinson’s reports each day for two weeks looking forward to hearing what he would say about summer camp. Allisyn heard the Governor say overnight camps would be permissible, but she didn’t understand the details of the directive. She called Rebekah excited for summer camp, but Rebekah had to explain to her the difficulty Camp Siloam faced in hosting summer camps. Rebekah knows first hand how difficult the pandemic has been. She is a medical leader for many of the prison sites in Arkansas. Rebekah shared with me that Camp Siloam had made the right decision.Summer camp means more than we know. This story is bittersweet for me. Sweet because I think about how much an 11 year-old girl must love summer camp to watch the Governor’s report for two weeks waiting to find out if camp going to happen. Sad because Allisyn and other children won’t be able to have that experience this summer. Sad because we won’t be a part of seeing 350-450 campers meet Jesus. Allisyn herself met Jesus at Camp Siloam in 2018 and she was excited her little brother had become old enough to attend camp too.

Eternal ImpactAt Camp Siloam, when anyone accepts Christ as their Lord and Savior for the first time, they get to publicly proclaim their decision by ringing the bell. When the bell is rung, it echoes through the valley of camp and all the campers, as well as staff, start cheering in celebration of another brother or sister in Christ.We want to continue this tradition with you this summer. If you have any children or youth who accept Christ as their Lord and Savior this summer, please let us know. Our staff want to celebrate their decision by ringing the bell and cheering loudly, lifting a shout of praise. We will film it and post the video for them to see.To let us know of any salvations this summer, email us at the email, please included:

Your church name

The student’s name

The student’s age

We look forward to praising God with you for the lives that will be eternally impacted this summer.

Sustaining the MinistryThe year-round staff is committed to seeing Jesus’ ministry at Camp Siloam through to June 2021. We are strategizing ways to continue to do ministry and keep camp viable in these upcoming months.

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Ephesians 3:16-19 tells us that Spiritual Power is the work of the Trinity. ‘Strength through His Spirit,’ ‘rooted and firmly established in knowing the Messiah’s love’ and ‘filled with all the fullness of God.’Join with us in praying that our heavenly Father would do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine.

If you are a prayer warrior and would like to pray strategically for Jesus’ ministry at Camp Siloam, reply to this email and we will make sure to add you to our prayer network!

Opening For MinistryStill stuck at home? Well, you’re not alone. Let Siloam be your second home!We are ready for you. Guest groups can start making reservations now. Don’t miss out on any opportunities to grow closer together after being socially apart. Bring your youth, kids, families or small groups. Have a retreat for your staff, men’s or women’s groups.If you are interested in bringing a guest group to Camp Siloam this year, or would like more information about what that might look like, please click below and let us know. Guest Group Info

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