The Influential Online Space Churches Are Ignoring

To say “times have changed” when it comes to the way people consume content is a tremendous understatement. When social media started to dominate the internet around 2006 with the expansion of Facebook beyond college campuses, the way we all consume content changed dramatically.

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Removing Hidden Barriers to Your Church’s Gospel Reach

The church shouldn’t be a place where people are trying to preserve their favorite songs and rituals at the expense of making the message accessible to outsiders. Reaching people—presenting the message in the most winsome and considerate way—was what the apostle Paul strived for.

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Lessons learned from 2020

Yes, there were difficult moments, but those things have shaped me and grown my faith in a James 1 kind of way. Navigating last year was like eating a chocolate covered jalapeno; amid the heat, bitterness and challenges, there were some really sweet memories.

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