A fresh look at child welfare

Because of these families who dared greatly in 2022, over 50,000 nights of care were provided for foster children through Connected Foster Care and Adoptions! Each of those nights represents a real child with a face and a name sleeping safely in a real bed with a real family who loved with Gospel-centered selflessness and offered real hope.  

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Christmas – A season of adoration

A favorite hallmark of the Christmas season is the music we sing and hear throughout the month of December. Whether it’s a children’s choir, a favorite album, a symphony, or a choir presentation, we are surrounded by the sounds of Christmas. If we’re honest, we can often become complacent when hearing or singing lyrics – especially to the Christmas carols.

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A taste of home

Imagine yourself arriving in Nepal to study at Kathmandu University. You are alone without friends or family.  

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