Behind the Lens: ‘I don’t want to forget the history’

Winter scenes at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp near Kraków, Poland, are never cheerful and the weather usually has a big part to play. Even the cheerfully colored umbrellas of tourists exploring the ruins of the old camp barracks cannot change what history wrote there—the scar of concrete fenceposts and lives lost remain.

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Christians count the cost and carry their cross

Adam*, a national believer, knew death was coming. He told Jonathan*, an International Mission Board worker, he would be killed. His days were numbered, and though he didn’t know the number of days, he knew what God had called him to do.

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Indigenous people in Colombia sustained by Send Relief funds

Meghan Aranda, an IMB journeyman, serves in Colombia among Indigenous people along the coast, including the Zenu. Toward the beginning of her two-year term, Aranda attended a workshop hosted by Send Relief in Panama. The purpose of the workshop was to provide practical tools to equip or start microenterprises within communities.

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