Chinese Congregation in Little Rock Baptist Church Donates Masks to UAMS

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – We’ve seen movements from people around the world, reaching out to help those on the frontlines battling this pandemic head-on. From first responders lighting up the parking lots in support of healthcare workers to local businesses and restaurants providing food and PPE equipment.

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An Arkansas Baptist church also contributed to the many efforts already being seen.

On Monday afternoon, April 6, Pastor Chunhai Li, from the Chinese Mission at Immanuel Baptist Church and members of the Arkansas Chinese America Association (ACAA) delivered masks to UAMS in Little Rock.

Li said the idea for donating masks started with a simple request from Qiaoli Lei, a member of the Chinese Mission and also a doctor, who was originally from Wuhan, China. She had asked if they could collect money to buy masks to donate to the virus-stricken country. The church members were excited to give to this worthy cause.

The focus later shifted as America began to deal heavily with COVID-19, including our very own state. The Chinese Mission began to collect money and purchase masks to donate to area hospitals.

Similarly, a call for the donation of masks, or money to purchase some, was sent out through the ACAA by Lei, the doctor, and Chinese Mission member as well as Mr. Dawen Chen, also a member of the ACAA. Together they partnered to collect 4,060 disposable masks and 550 N95 masks that were taken to UAMS and 1300 Conway regional.

Members of the Chinese community say, ‘Together, we will get over it.’

“We just want to glorify the Lord,” Li said. They plan to continue donating masks as they get them to other hospitals in the area to help combat the virus.

The Chinese Mission at Immanuel Baptist Church was started by families who attended there over 10 years ago. Pastor Li, a former Chinese church planter in Oklahoma, was called to Immanuel to be their Chinese Mission Pastor in June 2018. Since then, Li has seen their Mission grow and have partnered with the ABSC Missions Team to find ways to plant more Chinese Missions around the state.

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