The launch of the new Arkansas Baptist News (ABN) website at the end of August revealed the new and improved classified ad section. Previously, the classifieds had been removed in order to revamp and reorganize, but they have now resurfaced better than ever. 

The classifieds are free to use for those who have ministry job postings, ministry equipment such as soundboards or cameras they’re looking to sell or offer for free to another church, and other ministry-related inquiries. Below is a video tutorial on how to set up a classified ad. 

To set up a classified ad, do the following: 

  1. Go to
  2. Hover your mouse over the classified ads until a small down menu appears
    1. To view the ads already created, click “See All Classifieds”
    2. To create a new ad, click “New Classified Ad”
  3. From there the screen will load and you’ll begin filling in the information. 
  4. The “Contact Information” section is for your name, email, and phone number so whoever is interested in the ad can reach you. 
  5. The section labeled “Item Information” is where you will put all the details surrounding the ad
    1. “Classified Title” is where you will put the ministry position you are seeking to fill or the name of the item and whether it is for sale or to give away. 
    2. Under “Category” there are five options: Event, For Sale, Free Item, Job Posting, or Other. 
    3. Below that will be a place to upload any pictures if needed. This is for items that you might be selling or giving away for free. 
    4. In the “Description” box, put as much information as needed to accurately describe the ministry position that you are seeking to fill or the item for sale/giveaway. 
    5. Under that put the price of whatever item you might be selling. This box can be left blank. 
    6. In the Location box, enter the city where the church is located or the item for sale/giveaway is located. 
  6. One of the last steps is to ensure that you are a real person posting a real ad. Click the box next to “I’m not a robot.” 
  7. From here you can press preview to see what your ad will look like to those viewing it. If you see anything that looks wrong, just click edit posting. If you don’t see anything wrong and it looks good to go, press “Publish Posting.”

From there, someone from the ABN will publish your ad as quickly as possible. If you have further questions or any concerns, please contact us at

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