Content in Canadian sex-ed videos called ‘deception’

TORONTO – Sex education videos in Canada targeted to children ages 9-12 include details on transgenderism, masturbation and sexuality, according to a Nov. 15 CBN report.

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Screen capture from Shaftsbury Sex-Ed School videoThe videos, part of a series called “Sex-ed School” were released by Shaftesbury Kids, a branch of Shaftesbury Films, a Canadian production company.

So far, eight episodes have been released for public viewing.

Shaftesbury’s website describes their kids’ content as focusing on diversity, inclusion and entertainment.

But for many viewers, the recent “Sex-ed School” videos released online have taken that mission too far.

Andrew Walker, associate dean of the School of Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said the release of the videos is enforcing a new, unstable and dangerous orthodoxy.

“The long-term consequences of these videos are to instill a revolutionary ethic when it comes to gender and sexuality,” Walker told BP in written comments. “My heart breaks for the deception these children are being taught, knowing that this confusion will reap devastation on those not mature enough to know what is really going on.”

As reported in CBN, the video includes a series of questions that leave no room for disagreement on the subjects discussed with the children.

“Everyone born with a vulva is a girl, true or false?” the instructor asks.

When most of the children answer “true” the instructor responds with “Not everybody is sure, and that makes sense. Our genitals actually don’t determine our gender. Some people born with vulvas are boys.”

The videos go on to give detailed information on masturbation, queer-identification and transgender definitions.

“The more these videos are mainstreamed, the less both parents and children will question it,” Walker notes. “The worldview of gender fluidity is incoherent, and one does not have to scratch very deep beneath the surface for this to be revealed.”

Walker says these videos seek to communicate that questioning one’s gender is now normal, when actually those with gender confusion are statistically few.

“It’s a revolt against both conscience and nature,” said Walker. “These videos are injecting a contagion into culture’s stream.”

The ramifications of media like these videos for Christian culture is vast, warranting a drastic response, according to Walker.

“Christian parents are going to have to make hard choices and seriously re-evaluate whether they can keep their children in institutions that teach such error. My own view is that they cannot, and parents who insist on keeping the narrative alive that public schools are a part of the mission of the church are deluding themselves.”

Walker urges Christians to tell the truth regarding gender and sexuality with boldness.

“Gender ideology is false and should be stalwartly rejected by God’s people and Christian parents are duty-bound to protect their young from predatory ideology.”

Written by Baptist Press, the official news service of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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