“Tears well up in Duyens’s* eyes and streamed down her cheeks as she read aloud the story of the prodigal son…‘That story is me. I need to come home to God.’” 

In that first meeting of the Ba Lau* group back in January 2021, two of the workers listening to the story prayed to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and others have since made a commitment to follow Him. 

Thank you for your giving to the Cooperative Program which provides for Arkansans Adam and Millie Johnson* to be sitting on the floor with factory workers. Adam and Millie are missionaries with the International Mission Board who work in a closed country in Southeast Asia with a focus on winning the lost, discipling believers and starting churches. 

*Names changed due to security. 

PRAYER POINTS: Pray for Adam and Millie as they serve and for Duyen and others in the Ba Lau group to mature into a multiplying church among factory workers in their city. Pray for persecuted believers to experience the peace and power of God’s presence in places where the Church experiences persecution. And pray for over 5,000 people from this country who live in Arkansas to come to faith in Christ. 

When you give to your church, you give to missions through the Cooperative Program, bringing the Good News to the whole world. Find more CP resources at ABSC.org/CPShare. 

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