One of the best ways to fulfill the Great Commission is to raise up church planters who will enhance the church’s impact on the kingdom by planting new churches. 

Shane Fore is a church planter at the Trumann campus of Maple Grove Baptist Church. Years ago, he was heavily involved with drugs and alcohol and even did some jail time. He eventually attended an evangelistic event where he was saved. He brought his wife back to the same event the next night and she was also saved. By all accounts, they were completely transformed, to the point that he eventually became a church planter. 

Six months after getting the church plant off the ground, Shane led the charge to begin Celebrate Recovery, a ministry focused on those struggling with addiction. Participants are loved on, the Gospel is shared, and relationships are built. Change is not always immediate, but those whose lives have been marked by the trap of addiction find themselves wrapped in love and prayer support each time they slip, fall, and strive to get back up again. 

PRAYER POINTS: Pray for Maple Grove’s Main Street campus as they serve the community through their addiction recovery program and the homeless shelter in Truman. Pray that those struggling with addiction might be saved and set free from their addiction by the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray for Shane and April Fore and other church planters throughout the state. Pray for wisdom, encouragement, and clarity in every step of ministry. 

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