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“What a brave thing to do. To choose to hurt in order to make a plan that she felt was in her child’s best interest.” Becky Bruns, Adoption Specialist, ABCH

In Arkansas, birth mothers are often not given the pre-and post-placement care needed to make the brave, life-giving choice for adoption. Adoptive parents also are not equipped with the training and support needed for a healthy future as a forever family.

Becky Burns served expectant mothers placing their children for adoption for 25 years until she retired. When Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries began the process to launch this new ministry for ethical, child-centered adoptions, Becky joined our team as the Adoption Specialist for Connected Adoptions.

Each of the ministries of ABCH, Connected Adoptions, Desired Haven Family Care, and Living Well Counseling work together to provide all-encompassing, wrap- around services to the birth mother, adoptive family, and adoptive child. The goal is to champion the brave, life-giving choice of a birth mother and remove the barriers that hinder loving families from adoption.

PRAYER POINTS: Pray that God would lead women with unplanned pregnancies to the life-giving option to place their child for adoption with Connected Adoptions. Pray for the right forever families to choose to adopt through Connected Adoptions.

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