Over 75% of the international students in the United States will never be invited into an American home. Yet during Thanksgiving and Christmas, many of their American peers return home to spend time with family and participate in activities with spiritual significance.

Because Arkansas Baptists have prioritized campus ministries across the state, local churches are given access to connect with internationals who have never clearly heard the Gospel of Jesus. This is the heart of pastors like Ben Coulter at Immanuel Baptist Church in Magnolia, who is helping to host students over the holidays and include them in Christmas gatherings.

“What better time than Christmas or Thanksgiving to welcome someone who cannot go home into your home and to show them the love of a Christian family as an expression of the love that God has for them!”

PRAYER POINTS: Pray for American students to take the initiative to welcome their international peers, and for families to show Christian hospitality. Pray for cultural conversations to open the door to Gospel conversations.  And pray for international students to trust and follow Jesus as Lord and Savior.

When you give to your church, you give to missions through the Cooperative Program, bringing the Good News to the whole world. Find more CP resources at ABSC.org/CPShare.

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