People are experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, loneliness, trauma, and broken relationships at unprecedented rates. Living Well Counseling, the counseling ministry of Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries, is resourcing local churches with mental health services to meet the needs of their community.   

Director of Counseling, James Barham, shares that pastors need a counseling resource they can trust. Through a shared partnership with local churches, Living Well is able to provide professional counseling that is affordable and accessible. Pastors have peace of mind knowing that the counselors they are referring their church members and community to are like-minded and Christ-centered.  

Living Well serves in 16 locations across Arkansas with almost every office being located in a local church or associational office. The goal is to have a presence in communities across the state so that every Arkansan has access to professional, biblical counseling.  

Pray that more pastors and churches are equipped with the mental health resources needed to serve their communities. Pray for even more missional counselors to join our team and expand our locations to serve even more individuals, couples, and families.   

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