IMB workers Skip and Kim Meyer* have spent their lives on two very different mission fields but with the same purpose: giving hope to people who need it and equipping others to do the same.

The Meyers moved to South Asia in 2004 with the desire to plant their lives in an area with a great need for the Gospel. Their lives on the mission field started, however, in South America where they grew up as friends—each the child of missionaries. After they married, they knew continued service in international missions was their calling.

The region’s 1.7 billion people occupy an area less than half the size of the U.S. God is using Skip and Kim’s knowledge of the Spanish language and Latino culture to mobilize Hispanics and Latinos to serve countries in South Asia that have a desperate need for the Gospel.

PRAYER POINTS: Pray for Hispanics and Latinos as they serve in hard-to-reach regions of South Asia. Pray for the Meyers and other IMB missionaries as they serve in areas in great need of the Gospel. Pray for more Hispanics and Latinos to answer the call to serve.

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