One Day Acts 1:8 Missions Experience provides an annual opportunity for Arkansas Baptists to impact lostness in a specific area of our state. Partnering with the churches of a local association, Arkansas Baptists from across the state spend five hours on the first Saturday in October serving in a variety of ministries. Since 2010, more than 21,000 Arkansas Baptists have been mobilized for missions through One Day. That’s an average of 2,100 Arkansas Baptist missionaries serving each year!  More than 700 salvations have been recorded between 2010-2019. During One Day, Arkansas Baptists have led someone to faith in Jesus every four minutes! 

This year, Arkansas Baptists gathered in Russellville on Saturday, October 2 to serve alongside the churches of the Arkansas River Valley Baptist Association for One Day 2021. We rejoice knowing that churches were mobilized for missions, needs were met, the Gospel was proclaimed and more than 100 people came to saving faith in Jesus! 

Prayer Points: Pray for the churches of the Arkansas River Valley Baptist Association as they begin the process of follow-up with those who were saved, indicated a need to grow in faith or do not have a church family. Pray that the excitement of One Day would result in an increase in intentional Gospel conversations across Arkansas. Pray for the churches of the Central Baptist Association as they begin planning One Day 2022 in Hot Springs.   

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