CP Share: Vision 2025, Southern Baptist Convention

Vision 2025 is not a slogan or rallying cry. It’s a path forward to help us reimagine a new future together of reaching the world for Jesus Christ – every person, every town, every city, every state, and every nation.”  

Ronnie Floyd, President of the Southern Baptist Executive Committee, introduced Vision 2025 which contains five major strategic actions for the SBC to take on over the next five years: 

  • Increase the total number of full-time, fully funded missionaries by a net gain of 500, giving the SBC 4,200 full-time missionaries through the IMB. 
  • Add 6,000 new churches to the Southern Baptist family, giving the SBC more than 50,000 churches. 
  • Increase the total number of workers in the field through a new emphasis on “calling out the called,” and then preparing those who are called out by the Lord. 
  • Turn around the ongoing decline in the SBC in reaching, baptizing, and discipling 12- to 17-year-olds in the prime of their teenage years. 
  • Increase SBC-wide annual giving in successive years to reach and surpass $500 million given through the Cooperative Program. 

Floyd also proposed growing the body of Southern Baptists by annually adding 600 new church plants, 200 church replants, 100 new campuses, and 350 new church affiliations. 

PRAYER POINTS: Pray that Southern Baptists will continue to unite together under the cause of cooperative missions. Pray for SBC churches to catch the vision and take the actions necessary to see Vision 2025 become a reality. 

When you give to your church, you give to missions through the Cooperative Program, bringing the Good News to the whole world. Find more CP resources at ABSC.org/CPShare. 

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