[CP Share] Week of Prayer for North American Missions and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

275 million people are estimated lost in North America. That’s men, women, young adults and children. Among that population are more than 40 million people living in the United States who were born in another country. That’s about 1/5th of the world’s migrant population—more than any other country.

Almost every nation in the world is represented in North America, making it one of the most complex mission fields. Immigrants continue to come here for a better life, even from countries closed to the Gospel.

But these aren’t just numbers. They represent people made in God’s image—people in need of Gospel hope.

When we come together to reach the nations and our own neighborhoods, the Church becomes a beautiful representation of God’s vision for every nation, tribe and tongue to be saved and united in praise to Him. Through all our differences, we can be transformed and united by the unchanging, life-giving Gospel of Jesus.

PRAYER POINTS: To have eyes open to see the people around you in need of the hope of the Gospel. For the thousands of missionaries across North America working to reach new people even in the most challenging circumstances.

When you give to your church, you give to missions through the Cooperative Program, bringing the Good News to the whole world. Find more CP resources at ABSC.org/CPShare.

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