Pictured above are the staff and graduates of the Women Equipped CWJC in Benton.

Spring commencement ceremonies are taking place across the nation.  

On May 6, in Selph Hall at First Baptist Church in Benton, six women graduated from Women Equipped, a Christian Women’s Job Corps (CWJC) serving Saline County. On April 28, Fresh Start Christian Women’s Job Corps in Roland celebrated four graduates.   

A compassion ministry of Woman’s Missionary Union, Christian Women’s Job Corps is geared toward “equipping women for life in a Christian context through career focused classes, Bible study and building meaningful relationships.”    

“I see God working and I know that seeds are being planted,” said Susie Everett, lead Christian Women’s Job Corps coordinator at the Women Equipped site. 

Doris Reed, a lead coordinator at the Fresh Start site, described CWJC as a “fresh start for women.”  

“It is for a woman to be refreshed or rejuvenated,” Reed said.  

Through registered and certified CWJC sites across the nation, thousands of women each year gain self-confidence, purpose, direction, and hope for their future.  

Everett said it helps the women prepare for jobs and, hopefully, to have a foundation in Christ and to make a difference. 

The classes the women take during CWJC in addition to Bible study, include goal setting, relationships, boundaries, and budgeting. Everett said they also have speakers come in and teach about housing, cars and nutrition. Christ is stressed in every class, Everett said.  

“I think this this is the best ministry on missions around,” Reed said. “This, to me, is an intensive discipleship program where women truly learn how to live life well because Jesus has the answer.”  

Women Equipped, housed at First Baptist Church in Benton, and Fresh Start, located behind The Church at Pinnacle Mountain in Roland, are just two of the Sites are not connected to any one church. Many churches and community members contribute to the operation of the ministries of each Christian Women’s Job Corps location.  

Pictured below are the staff and graduates of the Fresh Start CWJC in Roland.


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